Couric in CBS Crisis!

April 10, 2008 at 6:34 pm (PR) (, , , )


Katie Couric, an anchor for the “CBS Evening News,” is under pressure to get out of her contract expiring in 2011.  She was one of the hit co-hosts of “NBC’s TODAY,” before she took the evening news job.  Recently, CBS has finished in third place since her arrival, which in this case is exactly where it began when she got there.  This article from goes on to quote the The Wall Street Journal saying that “CBS News executives” and “people close to Katie Couric” believe she will leave the network before her contract runs out in 2011.  Katie Couric signed this deal in 2006 worth $15 million per year.  

However, the article later goes on to explain that the evening news, which Katie came in to boost ratings for, needed more help than a popular personality.  It explained that popular figures can grow ratings for shows like “The View” because the audience thirsts for celebrity juice.  But, the people who watch evening news do so because they want the news.  Pure, unadulterated news.

From my point of view, I find this as bad PR for Katie Couric.  Even though the article goes on and explains this as not her fault but rather the doings of CBS, this is a blemish on Katie’s career.  If she pulls out, people will perceive this as if she just gave up.  If I were her publicist, rather than pulling out of her contract three years early, I would advise Katie to look for a solution rather than an escape.  I feel that if she finds a way to bring “CBS Evening News” to a higher rating, it will bolster her career.  People will not view her as just another pretty face on TV, but rather as an intellectual and hard-working star that will strive for the top.



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