Patrick’s Possible Hope

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Many already know that the “Dirty Dancing” star Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  But reports from today reveal that he is doing very well with the treatment. From, Patrick’s physicians have said that “Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far.”  There is more fantastic news for Swayze fans, and that is that there is a revolutionary new treatment called the CyberKnife.  The CyberKnife is a machine that delivers bursts of radiation to cancerous tumors with pinpoint accuracy.  This new treatment gives hope to the possibility that one day he may make a full recovery. 


I feel that this article is very positive for Patrick Swayze.  Swayze is not a Hollywood box office hit star, but his limited roles in film and TV have been meaningful.  As a publicist, I feel that this article gives Patrick Swayze’s fans hope and inspiration.  Whether it’s truthful or not, I feel that it is better to show Patrick in a positive light.  At the bottom of the article, the writer asks readers to leave comments for Patrick to read.  There is a big list of cancer survivors, fans, women, and children that have already written something that expresses how they wish him a full recovery.  This article released a joyful picture of Patrick rather than a near death cancer victim photo.  This is important because I feel this is how fans and readers want to view him.  My advice to Patrick, depending on his condition, is that I would recommend him to get online and comment on this article.  If he says thank you to all of those who wish him well, I feel confident that he will get more similar positive publicity.  If he were to pass away in the near future, I would want everyone to remember him as being the handsome and kind individual that he is.  


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